Anne Lang - Home Warranty Specialist

Anne Lang is the area manager with HWA Home Warranty of America servicing agents and homeowners in the Northern Virginia area.  Anne is also a valuable leader within the daily operations to Cindy Bishop Worldwide.

As a leader in the home warranty arena, Anne has aligned herself with the right product to help agents fully utilize a tool to market homes as well as conduct successful negotiations and peace of mind for buyers and sellers.

Anne is an active Ambassador with Cindy Bishop Worldwide.  Anne has the trusted position of Administrator, within the program, to oversee classes and events. As an administrator, Anne also conducts audits to certify our instructors are at the top of their topic to guarantee agents and consumers are receiving only the best in education. Anne is also an educator herself, providing training on the uses and benefits of home warranty.  She is generous with her time to assist agents in growing their business through education and the uses of home warranty.

Anne is a valuable leader within the Cindy Bishop Worldwide frame work and the company is lucky to have her.  Reach out to Anne to receive value added service and superior customer service.


Contact information:
Anne Lang

HWA Northern Virginia Account Executive

HWA Home Warranty of America

703-220-9633 (contact phone)

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