Appraisal 1,2,3

Licensing Credit: CE 2 Real estate related/PLE 2 Current Trends

Advantages of knowing about the Appraisal process. You will have 7 clear learning benefits: 
Improved Confidence in value preparation and presentation, Better Market Value assistance to both a Seller & Buyer, Making a Big Impact on your Buyer during the Crucial Initial Visit, Persuasion improvement in contract presentations, Closing more transactions, Understanding conditional requirements, and Understanding asset value.


Appraisal...Figuring the Numbers

Licensing Credit: CE 2 Real estate related/PLE 2 Current Trends/Broker 2 Broker Management

This Course will provide you with in depth, detailed information on the evaluation of an Appraisal in a Market Area. The Agent will be presented with the Appraiser, Agency and Lender’s requirements and guidelines to determine ‘Fair Market Value’ in ‘Neighborhoods.

The above process will help ensure that Residential Homes in the Agent's Local Market Area will be sold at ‘Fair Market Value’ protecting the interest of the Buyer, the Seller and the integrity of the Local Real Estate Market.

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