Coaching Clinics

Our Coaching Clinics
will increase your Success


One of the key benefits of the Coaching Clinics with Cindy Bishop Worldwide,
is a tailored approach that addresses what agents need to grow their business.
This is a topic specific skill growing business altering training that works!

What happens in our Coaching Clinics...
We cover topics that are needed in the framework for your business today. The training selected for our Coaching Clinics are topics that require a skill building step by step process approach to expect maximum results.

We begin with a training on the topic, then move to any preparation required, and finally, the completed project. Most Clinics are a minimum of 4.5 hours.

Shave years of trial and error
and discover the right path for your business right now.


Through our "Unique Approach" Coaching Clinics, your business will grow in three key areas:


  • Improved sales performance and visibility, enabling you to become a leader in your field in perceived expertise and results

  • Build strong business skills, effectively utilize strategies to WIN, increasing income without increasing your time commitment

  • Add specific skills sets to your Business Blueprint to maximize a path to increase ability to desired income


Cindy is a 28-year real estate veteran selling over $17 million in volume annually as an active agent. Her training school, operating for over 9 years, educates over 24,000 agents each year, giving her exceptional insights into what it takes to become a six-figure real estate agent.

Our Coaching Clinics give you training with peer quality interaction and professional coaching oversight as well as a specialized training that is hands on at every single session. This is an affordable way to get quality skill building training that you can implement right away.


So, if you are motivated to enhance your business performance, then this is for you!

Sign up for any of our monthly Coaching Clinics below...

Included in any private Coaching Program.

Clinics meet in Tyson's Corner, Virginia last Thursday from 10am-2:30pm monthly

No Refunds, Cancellations, or Transfers.


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