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Returned Payment Policy. The charge for a returned electronic payment (ACH Payment) or a returned check is $50. Items can be returned for a number of reasons: insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers or closed accounts. No matter the reason, the returned item charge is $50 due on demand.


School Event Cancellations & Refunds

Refund and Missed Event Policy of Licensing Credited Events
All purchases are final within five full days of an event. There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups or deferments for missed classes.


Cancellation Policy

Event registration may be canceled for a refund at least five (5) days prior to any event in writing. If the school has to cancel an event for any reason, a notification email will go to the registrants with an option to attend on an alternative date, get a refund, or use a paid registration ticket at another event up to a value $10 over the cancelled ticket value within 60 days from the cancelled event. Once the registrant notifies the school in writing of what they want to do, the school will provide additional instructions for the registrant.


Inclement Weather Policy

Hosting locations inclement weather policies will be followed and adhered to and treated under the cancellation rules above.

Membership Partner Program
Business Building and Continuing Education category topics are included in your program. Celebrity category events are discounted for members. If you had any trouble using your assigned Code, please contact us so we can help you. If you pay for a training, it is not refundable. REplacement Badge is $25. More than 2 missed classes or trainings without notice after registration can cause program determination without any recourse to Cindy Bishop Worldwide.

Coaching/Business Development Cancellations & Refunds

Refund Policy
There are NO refunds or exchanges permitted for this type of event.


Missed Classes Policy
There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups or deferments for missed events.


Cancellation Policy
Cindy Bishop Worldwide reserves the right to cancel any event for any reason. Students enrolled in an event which is canceled will be notified by email if a valid email address has been provided. Students enrolled in a canceled class will be offered an event credit or refund for the event.
A make-up day will be the only recourse for weather, disaster, or school closing related cancellations.


Inclement Weather Policy

Hosting locations inclement weather policies will typically be followed. For Special Events, Coaching, and Business Building will be determined on a case by case basis. Be sure to always register as we always notify the registrant list only. You can also contact  us by phone  at 540-846-6641.


Photograpic Release
Authorizatoin is granted to Cindy Bishop Worldwide or its agents or contractors to make and use photographs or audio or video of event participants for the purpose of marketing, training, or use in the creation of future products.



Video or audio recording of any production is prohibited.

We reserve the right to remove anyone that the staff of CBW feel is disruptive to any class environment in anyway without recourse to Cindy Bishop Worldwide, the event managers, the instructors, or the hosting locations.


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