Available Continuning ED Classes

Providing in-office continuing education training and business development topics are the most powerful tools that can be offered to agents in today's rapidly changing real estate industry. A recent study revealed that agents ranked education and training second only to brand recognition as the most valuable service their brokerage provides.
At Cindy Bishop Worldwide, our network of experts provide the highest level of education, in the most simplified way possible, so agents can focus on the business of doing business. 

Fair Housing

2 hour class

Licensing Credit: CE 2 Fair Housing/PL 2 Fair Housing
Advantages of mandatory knowledge of Fair Housing

1. Understand what Fair Housing really is and how it pertains to you.

2. Understand Fair Housing law.

3. Identify potential issues with case study examples.

4. Know Federal and State protected and unprotected


 5. Read and understand Civil Rights and Issues.

6. Understand the Americans with disability act.

7. Understand advertising practice along with

    Code of Ethics.


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