Business Development Classes & Workshops

Providing in-office training, education and coaching is one of the most powerful tools a brokerage can offer to agents in today's rapidly changing real estate industry. A recent study revealed that agents ranked education and training second only to brand recognition as the most valuable service their brokerage provides. At Cindy Bishop Worldwide, our network of experts provide the highest level of education, in the most simplified way possible, so your agents can focus on the business of doing business. 

Home Improvements that Sell and Pay off

2 hour class

Business Development-Be a Hero to your Clients

Why not help your Seller get their home ready for marketing to reap the benefit of top value and  the least amount of time on the market? How about learning which improvements will not only get the home sold fast and for the list price, but end up paying them back for the investment they made.


Q: What do consumers look for in an agent?

A: They want to trust the agent they hire and work as a partner with them.

Q: What will your Seller Client need in their agent?

A: Timely, helpful, problem solving information that causes them to sell.

Don’t leave it to chance

Attend a home improvement educational seminar brought to you by expert designers and  construction specialists. This training will get you ready to be at the top of your business and LOOK LIKE IT!


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