Marketing Services. Simplified.

A well-crafted brand, based on the core beliefs of you and your business, is the most powerful marketing tool you can have for growing referrals, generating new leads, and establishing yourself as expert in your field. Your brand is the impression you make on the public based on your image, actions and message. At it's core, a brand is the promise you make to clients. Understanding and defining your brand is vital to its success, and is the result of a process of discovery and learning. Knowing who you are, your message and your goals, allows us to help you develop an authentic brand.

Custom Branding and Design Services

Our experts start by listening to you, your needs, and the goals and dreams for your business. Our experts tend to ask lots of questions to get to the root of what you want so you can work with the right expert. Most agents don't know what to do, so they spend too much money figuring it out until they just stop out of frustration or run out of money. Cindy Bishop Worldwide likes to assist in the process so you get to the right place based on your needs. Having a professional expert to work with that creates an appealing package or just an item that you need is an amazing experience. Our experts never try to fit you into a mold that's been created for someone else. Each agent evolves naturally from learning more about the individual to create a personal brand.


Okay, but what does that mean?

In a nutshell, our experts can create the look and message for your business, to include:

  • Initial discussion to determine your brand’s look and positioning

  • Logo design

  • Business cards

  • Stationery

  • Print advertising

  • Promotional material design

  • Social media graphics

  • Website graphics

  • Brochures/flyers

  • Caricatures

  • Professional Photography


But wait, there's more!

Our experts aren't going to create your perfect look without making sure you have the perfect message to go along with it. Your message is a key element of your brand, and if you aren't sending out the right message, in the right way, no fancy logo will save you. The modern consumer is looking to do business with real people, not big business or pushy salespeople. Professionally crafted copy allows you to tell your story in a way that reflects your brand, your experience and your expertise with clarity, style and authenticity.


Our Professionals can help with:

  • Initial discussion to determine your brand’s message

  • Mission statement

  • Tagline

  • Updated bio/about me

  • Copy for online profiles

  • Copy for promotional materials



I look great, I sound great, now what?

Now that you've invested your time and money in the perfect logo, a passionate message about your value, expertise and experience, and a consistent look for all of your marketing materials, it's time to let the world know how to find you. Not to worry, we won't let you head into the wilds of self-promotion without giving you the tools you need to protect your brand.


We can help you:

  • Implement your brand across appropriate platforms

  • Optimize your social media platforms

  • Develop marketing campaigns

  • Create an active social media presence 

  • Establish your presence in geographic or niche farm

  • Improve your website

  • Create email marketing campaigns

Your brand is represented by intangible elements, like your actions, mission statement and values, and tangible elements such as your brand logo, marketing materials, website content, and so on. All of these elements must work together to consistently communicate your brand promise, shape brand expectations, and define your brand persona. A brand isn't just a logo, or the colors you use on a flyer; it is the collective impression you make on a client based on how well you present your experience, expertise and excellence.

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