Available CE/PL Classes

Providing in-office training, education and coaching is one of the most powerful tools a brokerage can offer to agents in today's rapidly changing real estate industry. A recent study revealed that agents ranked education and training second only to brand recognition as the most valuable service their brokerage provides. At Cindy Bishop Worldwide, our network of experts provide the highest level of education, in the most simplified way possible, so your agents can focus on the business of doing business. 

Powerful Presentations

2 hours

Licensing Credit: 2 CE Real Estate Related/PL Current Trends

Business Development

The modern consumer has a new sophistication level and expects their real estate professional to be as forward thinking and savvy as they are.  Presentations to the consumer must be powerful and straightforward without misrepresentations and strict adherence to the Code of Ethics.

Today’s consumer wants convenience combined with a new level of service, in addition to a number of other components that drive the bid to win customer care.

Are you losing listings because your presentation doesn’t accurately reflect the level of service you provide to clients? 
Are you meeting the needs of the modern consumer by providing the information they need to understand the home buying and selling process?
Are your presentations a platform for highlighting the marketing, technology and communication skills that inspire confidence in Internet savvy clients while upholding a straightforward representation of what will happen?
Are you impressing them so they list or buy with you?


This engaging presentation will enlighten you to how and why people connect and why they become loyal with one agent.

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