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In a rapidly growing and changing real estate industry, professionals are tasked not only with keeping up, but also with mastering innovations in sales, technology, soft skills development, and marketing strategies, all while still managing the daily business of successfully doing business. 

Certainly, the most important element in a successful event is finding the right speaker and an engaging topic that is relevant and beneficial to the audience.

Our speakers have a great deal of experience that is relevant to anyone in sales, but more specifically the real estate industry.


A true Keynote Speaker should be able to capture the essence of your meeting and be able to highlight it to your audience in a short period of time.


In order to capture this essence, the Keynote Speaker should be willing to spend the time researching your industry, your issues, and your audience.


This category of speaking will typically be about 45 minutes in length and are typically costly in comparison to other types of speaking offerings .
One of the reasons that Keynotes tend to be more costly then other presentation formats is due to the nature of the research time and effort the speaker has to exert in order to understand the industry or specific company of the business client as well as incorporating their specific nature into the presentation.


Sales and Real Estate topic coaching workshops are hands on "do the work" in class formats; meeting your needs so you can meet the needs of your clients. 


The role of those in the sales industries and the real estate agent has changed drastically over the past few years, and with that, so have the needs and expectations of today's client.


The modern consumer does not respond to traditional marketing tactics, and the modern agent must learn how to adjust to the changes in order to stay competitive.


Our Workshops are boots on the ground trainings and designed to get you going in the success direction quickly and efficiently on specific topic at a time.


Our Workshops are "Hands-on" and are a minimum of 3-4 hours depending on the topic. They are similiar to the seminars in topic's, but what you learn is accomplished right in class. Designed to eliminate frustration and proscrastication.


Our Seminars are 2 hour lecture informational sessions packed with useful data that you can utilize after the session.

Image, Marketing, Social Media, Soft Skills, Technology, or any Business Improvement helps develop your unique personal and professional image by enhancing  presence, strengthening skills, developing business skills, communicating with impact, and cultivating your professional reputation.

Your influence over others is shaped in large measure by words, written and spoken as well as your overall presence. These services will help you deliver your message in a way that will foster trust, confidence, and influence. As with your body language and your communication skills, your overall package sends a message about your level of success, your self-confidence, and even your competence. Mastery of your appropriate authentic representation along with appropriate skills will showcase who you are to build a business and create a successful platform for  growth and success sustainability.  

Good presentations are a clear purposeful message with trained experts on the topic that is powerfully presented in a way that benefits the audience.
Our Speakers are exceptionally skilled in their areas of expertise and offer extraordinary benefit to the audiences they serve.

A good performance for both the speaker and the audience can be defined as a mutually beneficial experience for all participants.

Power Sales Performance Keynote


"As a professional speaker,educator, and coach with more than 28 years of experience improving people's lives, I pride myself on helping others achieve more, both personally and professionally. Life is a journey, and I am passionate about about providing my clients the GPS direction they need to help them navigate the road to success." - Cindy Bishop


To help me grow my business, I need the following keynote topics:

  • Fan Club Building: Establishing a long term sustainable business 

  • Business Contact Goals for 6-figure incomes

  • Follow up Magic...a 80% success formula

  • Business Planning for the Attention Deficit

  • Persuasion...Getting them to say "Yes"

  • Conflict Resolution...Handling a Tough Client

  • Growing your referral network

  • Time Management: Getting out of your own way

  • Social Selling through Social Media


What if you could…

Discover exactly what you need to do today to grow your business

Feel confident that your efforts are the right way to attract clients and increase your revenue

Elevate your reputation so that your customers are willing to pay you more

Walk into any room and sell yourself confidently and boldly

Drastically increase your profits


That’s where we come in…

Is your sales audience feeling stuck in a sales rut? Maybe they are confused about why their efforts aren't creating the business they want? Maybe they are unsure of the steps they need to take to elevate themselves above the competition, or just wish they had an advocate on their side? If you’re looking to help them obtain the clarity and focus, accountability to keep them on track with the guidance to ensure they are taking the right steps, then we may be the right fit for your audience. Our time-tested and proven program's could be the answer. We will help your audience build winning habits and feel the need with the right tools to take action to create a powerful and lasting business they need for the life they deserve. Be their hero today.


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Power Sales Performance Workshops


Our Workshop programs that focus on developing business skills continue to
serve as the foundation for a successful real estate career in sales, but most
traditional programs are still promoting outdated lead generation and marketing
methods. Our Workshop programs focus on developing the right lead generation,
soft skill development, technology, communication, social media, goal setting,
along with an array of other business skills you need in order to elevate your
business to the next level; by reigniting a passion for what you do, finding exciting
new ways to develop relationships and generate leads, and mastering your

strenghts  to streamline and simplify your daily business practices. If traditional

"door-knocking" methods aren't for you, but you aren't sure what other options

are out there, this is your answer. This Power Sales Workshops are real estate

coaching for modern agents with a hands on approach; meeting your needs so you can meet the needs of your clients.


Topics covered: 


  • Goals and Foundation - Building the necessary skills for the foundation of your business.

  • Finding the lead generation /relationship building techniques that are right for you. 

  • Marketing/Branding/Image - The importance of powerful marketing and branding to build your reputation.

  • Technology - Everything you didn't know you were doing wrong in the digital world, and how to master today's technology. This topic includes CRM discussion.

  • Powerful Presence and Soft Skills - It's not just what you say; it's how you say it - communication, persuasion, conflict resolutions, and presentation skills for turning strangers into clients.

  • Social Media - It's not just about using social media, it's about using it to create the
    relationships you need for the leads you want.

  • All of this to become the Power Agent you only dreamed of being.

    Available Programs
    3 hour, Half day, Full day


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Power Sales Performance Seminars 

Specialized Service Topics is designed to maximize the impression you make on clients, prospects, colleagues and competitors. You are a combination of your appearance, your attitude, your communication style, and your presence. Your image is a message you send out to the world, but is it saying the right thing about you? Our specialized team of speakers can help you strengthen areas that enhance your presence and identify those that are counterproductive. People make judgments and decisions within the first few seconds of meeting someone, mostly determined by personal presentation, body language, and how professional you appear. In the business world, a negative first impression can result in a lost client, regardless of your ability or experience. Our speciality speaking services offer expertise and guidance in executive presence, non-verbal and verbal communication, interpersonal skills, personal skills and perception, social media use and relationships, time management, conflict resolution, and more.


Specialized  Topics:

  • Goals Setting and Strategies

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Relationship-Building Skills

  • Soft Skills-Various topics

  • Communication Skills

  • Follow up and Business sustainability building

  • Time Management

  • Social Media

  • Copywriting & Presentation skills

  • Lead Generation

  • Business Accountability


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