Group Coaching

          Group Coaching is a convenient and affordable approach
     when you want to grow your business.
      This Coaching comes with 3 monthly calls and

       and an Online Agent Education Center.


Joshua Long the author of Bottleneck Breakthrough said, 
         “When I talk to a client about their business, the thing they THINK is the problem
with their business is almost never the problem.”




Ask yourself these questions...

1. Could you have one or more areas in your business, that if corrected, could double or triple your income?


2. Do you feel stuck or maybe frustrated on what your winning game plan should be?


3. Are you overwhelmed with the hundreds of marketing options available and don’t know which path
will lead to the greatest success?


One of the key benefits of Group Coaching with Cindy Bishop Worldwide
is monthly coaching calls to build a strong foundation to launch a business built to succeed. Each call is recorded and put on the Membership "How To" Portal for repeated usage.
No more looking around trying to apply general principles and theories that other's are using,
but making a plan that works for you.













Shave years of trial and error
and discover the right path for your business right now.



What some of our business topic and training participants say...

"Cindy Bishop is a highly intelligent professional and has surrounded herself with the same. She is always helpful and is an all around great person. I have been taking her classes for years and will continue. Thank you Cindy for everything you have done for me."  Donald Bruce

"Great course on using LinkedIn. Lot of interactive exchange by attending agents. Second time I took same course. It is sinking in now. Dave is great." Michael Duffy

"Today I attended a Cindy Bishop Worldwide Coaching Clinic - for the first time - and have already set myself up for another. It was that good and I'm naturally skeptical of the many offerings we agents receive for coaching and performance success - deleting most without even opening the emails. But I decided to try this because I've taken more than one workshop with her as a trainer and benefited from each. Today's more intensive focus on video marketing was super helpful, getting "hands on" coaching from her and social marketing guru, Dave Redabaugh. Great stuff!" Charilyn Wells Cowan

"Cindy's is super serious about providing valuable education experiences for realtors. She knows the business of real estate and brings top-notch experts to teach. As a coach, she takes the time to get to know YOU and help design a road map based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Her program isn't easy and she holds you accountable to make progress. It's very helpful!" Alex Escobar

"I became a new real estate agent in 2016. Cindy Bishop Worldwide provided me with many continuing education classes with exceptional instructors. Cindy Bishop Worldwide also offers business development training which has helped me grow my business. There are also Facebook and LinkedIn classes. I am not a techie and these classes have helped me set up my social media accounts. Cindy is very knowledgeable and helpful. She communicates and returns calls. Thank you Cindy for helping me grow in my business." Theresa Shaffer

"Cindy was so inspirational. I’ve attended business planning seminars in the past but Cindy’s approach by far exceeds all others! She gives new perspective of what it takes to reach your custom goal. She has not lost touch with the challenges, rewards and many hats we wear as Realtors.
Thanks so much to Cindy for kick-starting my best year yet!"
Stacey Mullins

"Great relevant info, presented by experienced knowledgeable teachers / these classes are up to date and necessary for me to keep up with all the constant changes in Real Estate." Shep Saltzman

"I always walk away from a class or training with new knowledge and empowerment to go out there and implement her training's and teachings to grow my business." Rhiannon Weitzman

"Cindy Bishop Worldwide is an excellent resource for the Real Estate Professional. The classes are very informative and provide great knowledge and tools to become the expert and take your business to the next level." Dawn Jarvis


Through our "Unique Approach" program, your business will grow in three key areas:


  • Improved sales performance and visibility, enabling you to become a leader in your field in perceived expertise and results

  • Build strong business skills, effectively utilize strategies to WIN, increasing income without increasing your time commitment

  • Create an individualized business Blueprint to maximize a path without confusion to  lead to desired income

 Group Coaching includes our unique Online Agent Education Center
Reserve your spot now with a $100 reservation and set up fee.
Program launches June 1, 2019. Limit 50.



You are only reserving your spot for a 6 month or 12 month Group Coaching Program today with a $100 fee.
You will be notified about mid May to set up your monthly reoccurring program payments and Education Center login. 
The Set-Up fee is non-refundable and will reserve your coaching spot since we have a limit on coaching registrants.  

Group Coaching Program

Agents motivated to succeed. This program is for any agent.

The Plan:

-Group Coaching using a collaborative live online platform with active accountability. 

-Training following our private coaching curriculum format.

-Facebook Group for collaboration, questions, and content.

-Access to our Online Agent Education Center.
-Skill and organization training in all of the areas you need, some examples may include: 

Master Planning, Lead generation techniques, Negotiation techniques, Objection Mastery, Communication skills, Powerful Presentations, Marketing, Follow-up, Social Media, Video Development, CRM development and implementation, Time Management, and Accountability.

Our Private Coaches provide the Group Coaching Online program with a membership 'How To" portal site that provides training videos, tools, and forms that are in addition to the Group Coaching.
Commitment Choices:

12 month minimum with Membership Portal: $197 monthly

6 month minimum with Membership Portal: $297 monthly

Next Session begins June 1, 2019.

Once you are signed up:
All future group coaching calls are located under the upcoming events

with their own button called "Coaching Webinars".

All calls will be recorded and replays located on the Online Agent Education Center.
within a few days of the live call. Each Live coaching call has an independent access code.
Once you have signed up for Group Coaching, you will be given a Members Only Code
to register for all Live Coaching calls. Your Membership Portal access will be sent to 
you separately and is just one code for the life of your membership.
Please register for each call you participate in using your webinar code.


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