Private Coaching

Our Private Coaching that will alter your career trajectory


Joshua Long the author of Bottleneck Breakthrough said, 
         “When I talk to a client about their business, the thing they THINK is the problem
with their business is almost never the problem.”

Our Private Coaching isn't for the meek at heart! 
It is geared for those agents who have earned at least $50K
over the past 12 months in commissions
and want more

















One of the key benefits of Private Coaching with Cindy Bishop Worldwide is a tailored 6 month approach to craft a business that will 
succeed because of the very specialized and individualized approach.
No more looking around trying to apply general principles and theories that other's are using, but making a plan that works for you.


















What our Agents Say...

"The Private Coaching Program with Cindy Bishop is invaluable, highly personal and focus driven!!!  Cindy provides accountability which is the main ingredient in achieving success. She helped me with Time Management and Business Planning by teaching me not only how to set goals but provided the accountability to achieve these goals. I learned how to focus on the high payoff activities for my business and delegate the smaller tasks in order to be most effective with my time. She helped me develop a long term Business Plan, break it down into small steps and execute specific actions in order to achieve my goals.


But by far the best part of coaching with Cindy was that she helped me find my Niche. She encouraged me to get my “Staging Certification” in order to be more competitive in the market. This has been my greatest marketing tool so far and has helped me not only sell properties much quicker but acquire more listings. Cindy has helped me put all of these aspects into one Brand so that I can market myself and continue to grow my business.


I highly recommend the Private Coaching Program
from Cindy Bishop!"

Sheli Schneider
Real Estate Agent

Investor Specialist

Certified Expert Stager

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