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“As a psychotherapist who hears every day of the common struggles and everyday trauma that good people endure, I have a radar for whatever will alleviate the suffering and allow people to feel their natural joy. I take a body-mind-heart and soul approach, and attract people who are more likely to take their health into their own hands, versus medication or medical interventions that do more harm than good.

When I met Shep Saltzman, I knew I had met a true healer, who is really interested in helping people. Shep does what it takes to help people get their own healing powers activated. He first gets a clear picture of the whole person, then zeros in on the specific areas of concern, often not what people come in imagining. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, therapeutic oils, and deep listening, among Shep’s many offerings, are combined in a customized treatment that has always brought me back to feeling a sense of calmness and vitality. I value Shep both as a healer and colleague to whom I send my own clients, because healing is more than technique. It is a journey, and Shep is a guide I trust to those I love. ” Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW.


Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Shep Saltzman, discusses common thyroid symptoms as well as the benefits of holistic medicine and how it can be used to help alleviate thyroid symptoms. Visit us at for more information about holistic medicine practices.

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