Sales Performance Breakthrough Training for Real Estate Professionals


Contact us for availability of this event. Sales Performance Seminars and Workshops are typically for hire and scheduled as a speaking event.



Workshop Choices:

Session time choices 3 or 5 hours
Designed as a hands on training experience.


Various topic specialities:
-Sales Performance:
-Social Media-Facebook
-Social Media-Linkedin

-Social Media-You Tube
-Social Media-Google +
-Social Media-Twitter
-Agent Essential Technology Toolkit
-Google-As a CRM
-Time Management
-The Lead Generation Newsletter
-Effective Communication

-Conflict Resolution...Handling Tough Clients

-Relationship Building/Networking

-Customer Relationship building 

-Active Listening
-Professional Presentations













Our incredible program's provides participants
with the training necessary to integrate and implement
strategies to improve your real estate business.


This isn’t a fluffy, outdated coaching program
with one-size-fits-all formulas for success,
or promises you’ll be making “6 figures in 6 weeks.”


If you are interested in success, then READ ON…

Here are some reason’s to attend our events:

  • -Implement lead generation tactics that work.
    -Design marketing strategies that attract lead generation.
    -Discover the right Master plan for your business.
    -Set yourself apart and outperform the competition.
    - Feel Control and confidence to achieve.
    -Develop the right formula for consistent success.


Topics covered:
-Goals and Foundation:Sales Performance Strategies
  -Lead Generation techniques right for you.
-Technology/Professional presence.
-Powerful Presentations for closing the deal.
-Social: Build and protect your online presence.
-Conversion strategies.
-Follow up systems you can conquer.
-Simple Time Management techniques.

-Soft Skills.
-Understanding the Generational divide.
-Conquering listening and communication.

Agent Essential technology.





Scheduled Workshops

Workshops are scheduled for hire throughout the entire calendar year.

What participants are saying...

What participants are saying...

“Concrete “How-to”...I learned the nuts & bolts
of what I needed to run my
real estate business.” Lynn B.


“Totally on point! The best training
I’ve taken since beginning my real estate career.” Michelle Z.


"Cindy's secret sauce formula's using her trademarked Master Plan, customized goal platform, and her productive methods to drive your business deep is simply amazing. No one does what she does and I have coached with many of the lead real estate
coaches over the years.
The light came on and led me to a consistent 6 figure income."

Susan K.


"I can't believe how much money I have paid over the years and buttons I have pushed without results. I attend one workshop with Cindy Bishop Worldwide and magic happens for my business! I am so happy to have found Cindy Bishop Worldwide."
John T.


"Super informative and easy way to build a buisness facebook page. Workshops provide the time needed to enhance the topic over the seminars." Julie M.



"Great Presentation and sense of humor. Presents information in real life relationships
and practices." P. Young

"This classes are very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone that wants
to enhance their business." Julie H.

Planning session
Group Exercise

Why Choose Us?


Why wait to gain success in your sales business? Our solutions will eliminate frustration and enhance direction so you can move forward.


Fun? That is right! Work within your strenghts and find out how much more easily you move to results.


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